We receive donation requests on a regular basis for a lot of very diverse non-profits, fund raisers, and charities.  As a single night stay represents donating 25% of our entire inventory for any given night, it is very difficult for us to accommodate every request.  One way in which we try to support every organization who asks for a donation is to donate a single night’s stay if another night’s stay is paid for.

  •  You could build this as a weekend getaway and work to getting donations from some of the local wineries and/or local businesses around Washington.
  • You could also do two single-night stays and have them as two different items.
  • You could do two rooms on a single night if a family, a couple friends, or any other “more-than-two” wanted to go in on this item together.

There would be no blackout dates, but would be based on availability.  The free night would need to be used within one calendar year of the donation.

We would love to support your organization, please contact us if we can support you!