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Why Guests Stay at DeBourge Guesthouse

There are many reasons why our guests decide to stay with us, instead of other local options.  Some are looking for a unique experience that they cannot get at a hotel.  Others have a larger group and our house’s makeup of guestrooms and bathrooms is the most convenient for the group.  Katy Trail riders are excited to learn that we will pick up from the trail at no additional charge.  No matter what the reason why guests choose to stay at DeBourge House, once they arrive, they discover there are a lot of amenities that add a lot of value.

The Amenities at DeBourge House

Once one of our guests arrive, they discover they have access to a mini fridge stocked with bottled water, soda, juices, and more.  Coffee, tea, and other hot drinks are available around the clock.  If toiletries are forgotten, a hutch with extra deodorant, tooth paste, dental floss, etc. are all available.  Coffee/tea service, bubble bath, and epsom salts are also available in each guestroom.  There is no charge for any of these extras.  Like most lodging establishments, there is wifi (available for free), a business “nook” with a printer/copier, and breakfast is available in the morning.  However, there is one amenity that guests can experience at DeBourge House, that they cannot experience anywhere else in Washington, and only the most adventurous of guests will use it.

The Water-Conserving Amenity We Challenge You to Try

Did you know that it takes more than 30 gallons of water for manufacturers to make a roll of toilet paper?  Each bathroom at Debourge House is equipped with a bidet.  The average bidet uses about 1/8th of a gallon per cleaning.  While not popular in the United States, bidets are the preferred method of cleaning oneself in parts of Europe and other places around the world.  It is a more hygienic solution than using toilet paper and leaves the user much cleaner.  So how adventurous are you?  Would you be willing to try a bidet?  Once you bidet, we bet that you will not want to go back!

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