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During the winter months, the bed & breakfast business is typically slow in Missouri wine country.  We are happy that our business has been a lot busier this winter season than normal, but that has not stopped us from working on improving our guest experience for the upcoming season.  These improvements touch a lot of different areas around the house.

Improvements in the Works

We have outlined a plan that will add amenities for our guests and improve the look and feel to the house.  This first list are items that have been completed or are actively in process.

  • 2017 Improvement: Beverage coolers added to Bright Star & Liberty Rooms.

    Liberty & Bright Star Rooms now have beverage coolers in-room.

    We have added beverage coolers to the Liberty and Bright Star rooms.  For those guests in town looking to explore the nearby wineries, these rooms now offer a way to chill any bottles they want to chill when they get back to the house.

  • The Arabia room has been rearranged to open up the floor plan more.  New artwork will be added to the walls by April.
  • The upstairs HVAC that services the Bright Star, DeSmet, and Liberty rooms will be replaced in March.  The new unit will be able to better “keep up” in the hottest months of the year and do a better job of keeping our guests cool who are upstairs in the mid-to-late afternoon hours of July and August.
  • The front railing will be replaced, and additional railings will be added leading up to the front porch.
  • The squeaky floors in the DeSmet room have been repaired to reduce the squeakiness.  The shower head in DeSmet has also been replaced to give our guests type-of-spray options, and more head room.
  • A new dishwasher has been installed that is quieter and less disturbing to our guests when it is running.
2017 Improvement: New Arabia Room Layout opens up the room.

The new Arabia Room layout

Improvements a little further out

This next list includes items we would like to get done in 2017 that we have not started the process of getting quotes.

  • Removing a tree in the back yard that was damaged in a storm last year will increase the aesthetic look of the backyard for those who enjoy sitting on the patio and having a glass of wine.
  • Repair/replace parts of the front porch that are beginning to show signs of wear.
  • Increase the electrical service capabilities of the house (to possibly offer charging of electric vehicles in the future)
  • Painting the exterior of the house to give it more of a curbside pop and appeal upon arrival.
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