Start Planning your Katy Trail Bike Ride Here

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Transportation Across the Washington, MO Bridge

Every year, we have dozens of bicyclists stay with us as they make their way across the state of Missouri via the Katy Trail.  We have served extreme cyclists, repeat cyclists who come back year after year, and we have also had guests that weren’t quite sure what they were getting in to.  No matter your skill level, DeBourge Guesthouse is a great option for you as you make your way through Marthasville, Dutzow, and Augusta.  We are happy to pick you up at the Dutzow trail head at no cost.  Or even better, just east of the trail head is Blumenhof Winery.  While you wait for your ride, why not enjoy a bottle of Missouri wine?  We’ll pick you up at the winery too!

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DeBourge House Announces Hot Breakfast Service

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A close-up of creamy scrambled eggs topped with chives. Orange slices and sausage are in the background. All three components are placed elegantly on a blue china plate.Hot Breakfast Service Now Available on Weekends

For the past several years, we have been providing a hot breakfast on Saturday and Sunday mornings, but we have been apprehensive to advertise it on our website.  With Bridgette & I both working full time at jobs that often times require us to work on weekends, our fear was that we would not be able to offer this service to each and every guest on weekends.  We felt like if our guests we expecting a self-serve breakfast and were provided a hot breakfast service, we would exceed those guests expectations.

We have figured out the logistics to consistently provide hot weekend breakfast and are now ready to commit to our guests that this should be an expected, value-added amenity when they stays with us.

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Only the Most Adventurous Guests Will Use this Amenity

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Why Guests Stay at DeBourge Guesthouse

There are many reasons why our guests decide to stay with us, instead of other local options.  Some are looking for a unique experience that they cannot get at a hotel.  Others have a larger group and our house’s makeup of guestrooms and bathrooms is the most convenient for the group.  Katy Trail riders are excited to learn that we will pick up from the trail at no additional charge.  Read More

Where You Need to Stay During the Washington Town and Country Fair

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The Closest Accommodations to the Washington Town and Country Fair

DeBourge GuesthouseDeBourge Guesthouse is the closest accommodations to the Washington Town and Country Fair.  The Fairgrounds are about .75 miles from DeBourge House, close enough for an easy walk where you don’t need to stress about finding a parking spot or taking a shuttle to and from the fairgrounds.

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